Cargo Beds – Roll Your World Inside Out

If you have ever crawled into the back of a covered pickup truck to first locate, then retrieve a heavy item from a chaotic pile of tools, equipment and supplies, you will appreciate the functionality and practicality of our versatile rolling Cargo Bed . Many people can relate to even greater challenges, and instances when industrial strength roll-out truck beds would make easy work of a difficult task.

Rolling truck drawers with trays on Cargo Beds make cargo handling both efficient and safe – for all applications. Not only will you have improved access to your cargo, sliding truck drawers will save you time and money, and are totally safe for anyone to use. Positively locking every 10″ of travel, our roll-out truck beds provide years of maintenance free service. A Cargo Bed is a worthwhile investment for personal use or the commercial trucking industry.

  • Access to 100% of cargo space with an 80% extension of Cargo Bed
  • Sealed high performance bearing with low temp synthetic grease
  • Durable powder coat finish
  • Bi-directional locking every 10 inches
  • Engineered for optimum performance between 1000- 3000lbs of evenly distributed weight (Max 4000lbs)
  • Ruggedly built for commercial and industrial applications

Cargo Drawers – Applications as Wide as the Imagination

For work or play, commercial fleets or your family RV unit, hauling your team’s hockey equipment or transporting a heavy generator to a mining site, Cargo Bed systems provide safe and easy access to all your cargo, equipment and supplies. Other applications include:


Cargo Beds and Rolling Truck Sliders that Set the Industry Standard

At Cargo Bed, we attribute our success to three factors:

  1. We are the manufacturer of an innovative versatile product that delivers in an unlimited range of light-duty to heavy duty applications.
  2. Since day one, we have been committed to uncompromising quality and design.
  3. Our ability to update and modify our roll-out cargo drawers and truck trays has allowed us to keep pace with the changing needs of our customers and the evolution of the trucking industry.

We back these claims by our track record. In nearly two decades of Cargo Bed fabrication, we can count on one hand the number of warranty claims we have processed.

It’s not a statement, it’s a fact. Our product starts where the others end.