Contractor Truck Rollout

Cargo Bed – Converting Work Trucks into Work Shops

For the general contractor, work trucks are the heart of the business. Regardless of the industry – electrical, construction, plumbing, welding, government – arriving on site with the tools of your trade sets the project in motion. The efficiency of your company relies on having quick and easy access to your equipment, tools and supplies. If your contractor trucking accessories don’t include Cargo Bed truck bed extenders, your business isn’t running at its peak.

Since 1987, Cargo Bed has been producing industrial strength extending pickup beds and sliding box extensions to the trucking industry. From our very first Cargo Bed , our expert design and engineering set the standard for quality and performance. We continually test and improve our products to ensure we deliver the best product possible.

The original Cargo Bed turns your work truck’s cargo space inside out providing access without compromise. When extended, these innovative sliding boxes provide improved access to all your tools and equipment (while keeping them organized), improves safety, significantly reduces the risk of back injuries, and can act as an on-site work bench. It truly is one contracting accessory that can change the way you work.

Cargo Bed –  An Affordable Permanent Asset

Access 80% of your cargo space instantly – from outside the vehicle – with our patented rolling truck bed. Cargo Bed is designed for convenience and efficiency, and engineered to carry evenly distributed loads up to 4000 lbs.

The extendable Cargo Bed consists of two welded steel structures that operate as one complete assembly.

Cargo Bed is the most rewarding professional tool you can buy. Whether you are an independent contractor or looking to outfit commercial fleets, Cargo Bed is the right product for the job. Talk to one of our knowledgeable representatives today for more information.

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