Cargo Bed – A Leading Supplier of Industrial Strength Oilfield Truck Equipment

In the oilfield, you don’t have time to waste. When you need a job done – such as hauling equipment, parts, tools or supplies to the field – it needs to be done now. Cargo Bed has been outfitting oilfield truck boxes with reliable extending truck beds that easily roll-out for nearly two decades. Our patented Cargo Bed sliders are unlike any other on the market. They are designed and engineered to withstand the rigors and demands of the oilfield and every other industrial or commercial application. We are certain that our Cargo Beds can easily handle your needs and load capacity.


Truck Boxes and Extendable Beds – Access and Safety Without Compromise

Our multi-purpose Cargo Bed extends your truck bed by up to 80%. Not only do our roll-out pickup bed slides increase your usable box space, when extended, they provide easy and instant access to heavy equipment, pumps, valves, drill stems and bits, or any other items you need on the job. Custom applications can create storage solutions and organization for time saving efficiency for your trucking fleets as well.

Safety has always been a number one concern at any oilfield site. Reduce the risk of injury for you and your workers with the convenience of sliding box extenders. Instead of crawling into the confined space of a truck box and tugging at heavy equipment, simply roll-out the bed and lift carefully. Save your back while working smarter.

Here’s what two satisfied oilfield companies have told us about our versatile sliding truck beds:

“Our Cargo Beds allow us to maximize storage space in all of our vehicles. The roll-out drawer provides easy access to tools and other equipment that would otherwise be very difficult to get.”

“We have seven Cargo Beds in the field. No matter what the weather, Cargo Bed always delivers.”

For the Oil & Gas Industry, Cargo Bed Makes Sense

For all your vehicles in the field – from pickups and rig-up trucks to transport and service trucks – outfitting your units with a Cargo Bed will increase efficiency, safety, organization and productivity. Have a unit installed today!