Emergency Vehicle Rollout

Access, Organization, Safety – Cargo Bed Plays a Role in Emergency Response

When it comes to emergency response, time is critical. Getting to the scene as soon as possible, accessing the necessary tools and equipment, and always being ready to respond can mean the difference between a successful mission and an undesirable outcome. Important components of the emergency response team include law enforcement trucks, sport utility vehicles, ambulances, fire trucks and other automobiles that carry the personnel, the equipment and tools to crisis scenes.

Cargo Bed is a leading supplier of emergency response vehicle accessories, including roll-out storage and shelving management solutions for ambulances, police, fire and rescue vehicles. Our industrial strength rolling storage and extended shelving systems promote worker safety, while providing access without compromise; factors critical to success.

Cargo Bed Technology Delivers Every Time

Cargo Bed has been manufacturing sliding beds and truck box extenders for nearly two decades. The rugged construction and uncompromising quality of our design and engineering ensure that they are built to last and can be relied on every time you need them. We offer a variety of styles and sizes in our standard duty and heavy duty series, or can accommodate your custom storage requests. For many of our clients, the functionality and quality of our shelf extenders has removed them from the accessory list and made them standard equipment in their entire fleet.

For Every Type of Emergency Response Vehicle – EMS, SUV, Vans, Trucks – Cargo Bed Works

The original rolling Cargo Bed is basically two welded steel structures that operate as one complete assembly. The base frame is mounted to the floor of the vehicle, and the transfer frame rolls in and out to provide access to 80% of the load. Precision needle bearings and positive bi-directional locking every 10” inches ensure smooth operation and control. In addition to providing improved access to the load, the extended Cargo Bed has proven to significantly reduce the risk of back injuries when lifting heavy objects. Cargo Beds have remarkable handling capacity! Optimum performance on all of our products is  between 1000 – 3000 lbs evenly distributed weight.

If you’re not convinced that Cargo Bed systems and extenders will make a difference on the scene, you need to see one in action. Refer to our dealer and distributor page and check it out. We guarantee you will be impressed. Or contact us for more information, pricing or custom applications.

Please call 1-800-451-1117 for more information or to locate your closest authorized Cargo Bed dealer.