How It Works

The patented sliding Cargo Bed is an innovative product that provides access without compromise for your storage capacity. This slide-out truck drawer will give you easy access to all your tools and supplies, extend the length of your truck bed by up to 80%, and save your back and knees through improved access to heavy equipment. The special design and engineering of our sliding extensions allow for load capacities of up to an amazing 4000 lbs. With our variety of products and models to choose from, Cargo Bed has unlimited applications…

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Installation Guides

The engineers at Cargo Bed have employed state-of-the-art technologies and systems in fabricating pickup bed slides and drawers that will maximize your storage, safety and accessibility of tools, parts and equipment. While a great deal of research and planning has gone into the fabrication of our slide-out beds, they are also constructed with you in mind for easy installations. Cargo Bed installs in no time by following these simple instructions…

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Frequently Asked Questions

Browse through our list of frequently asked questions (faq’s) to find quick answers to questions such as “What sizes do Cargo Beds come in?” and “How do I know which is the best sliding bed device for me?“…

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