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The rolling and roll-out Cargo Bed is exclusively designed and manufactured by Cargo Bed.

Cargo Bed Patents

Abstract: A retractable cargo bed includes a stationary frame adapted for mounting onto a deck of a truck and a travelling frame movable relative to the stationary frame between a retracted position and an extended position. A locking mechanism is provided which includes stop members secured to the bottom of the stationary frame at spaced intervals. A locking lever is carried by the travelling frame which is pivotally mounted for movement about an axis which is parallel to a longitudinal axis of the travelling frame between a downwardly angled locking position and a substantially horizontal release position. The locking lever is biased into the locking position. A release lever is provided for manually moving the locking lever to the release position.

United States Patent and Trademark Office – Patent # 6659524

Canadian Intellectual Property Office – Patent # 2392444

Canadian Intellectual Property Office – Patent # 2573256

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