Survey Truck Rollout

Tools and Accessories that Get the Job Done

The simplest form of surveying dates back to first recorded civilization…with land ownership came the measuring of property. The tools of the trade have certainly evolved over the years, as new technology has been developed. Level rods are losing their appeal since they are temperamental in hot and cold weather, electronic and laser levels are replacing hand levels, and GPS systems are revolutionizing the surveying industry.

Today, both surveyor and tools are transported from site to site in well-equipped work trucks. Along with a variety of rods, tripods, level transits, measuring wheels, tapes, range poles and other supplies, the most efficient independent operator or commercial fleets have sliding beds as standard survey truck equipment. And, if the surveyor or surveying company has high standards of quality, access and safety, they will have the original Cargo Bed working for them.

Cargo Bed Slides for Ultimate Cargo Storage

If your surveying jobs require the hauling of all all terrain vehicles (ATV) or quads on top of your box deck, cargo storage and retrieval in your truck bed can be a challenging feat. Cargo Bed can take the hassle out of this simple task. With your quads resting in place, the installation of our slide-out Cargo Bed can provide improved access to all your gear and apparatus.

Unlike any other on the market, our innovative industrial strength truck deck sliders can support up to 4000 lbs of evenly distributed weight, allowing for the storage of all your light or heavy equipment. The slide-out platform can also be customized with cabinets, boxes, shelves, trays or racks to accommodate all your surveyor work supplies. Not only does Cargo Bed maximize your usable space, rising only 3” above the truck box floor, it provides cargo storage solutions that keep you organized and efficient.

Cargo Bed – Invaluable Tools for the Survey Trucking Industry

Designed for convenience and efficiency, Cargo Bed slides out to provide access to eighty percent of your cargo space instantly – from outside the vehicle. Other features:

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