Slide Out Welder Trays

Extending Pickup Beds & Boxes for Welding Trucks

You’ll wonder how you ever managed without an extendible welder tray on your welding truck – from the moment you install it! This patented slide out truck bed accessory from Cargo Bed makes equipment hauling, handling and storage both efficient and safe.

Our patented rolling Cargo Bed system allows you to access your welder, cables, attachments, tools and equipment with ease and without strain, while providing welder ventilation and increased serviceability. Imagine – no more drilling holes in the decking to service… Simply roll-out and service the unit on the extended bed, with easy access to all parts.

Rolling and Extending Beds Will Save You Time and Money

At Cargo Bed, we know that time is money. That is why we have designed roll-out beds, box extenders and truck bed accessories that:

Our heavy duty welder beds can accommodate independent operators or commercial tradesman, with up to 4000 lbs of load carrying capacity.

Cargo Bed – a Professional Tool No Welder Should Do Without

Cargo Bed has several extendable roll-out truck boxes and sliders for custom applications. Tell us about your daily challenges and we will recommend cargo management solutions that increase your efficiency, productivity and safety.

We would be happy to provide more information about our unique extending beds, pickup roll-out boxes and sliding systems. The solid steel construction and patented assembly of our versatile Cargo Bed will serve you well for years and years to come! Contact us today for more information about our welding truck accessories.

Please call 1-800-451-1117 for more information or to locate your closest authorized Cargo Bed dealer.